Jan Martin Klessing, Dipl.-Ing. Freier Architekt
, German
Member of Architektenkammer Berlin
Cooperation with DAI since 1980, Member of ICOMOS


D-10119 Berlin, Schönhauser Allee 182

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Stephan Fleig, Karlsruhe
Collaborator and freelanced partner since 1979 specialized in developing and production of museological installations, exhibitions + presentation equipment and historic presentation scale-models

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Andreas Hoffschildt, Berlin
Special experiences in planning of historical monuments and practical work in stone-cutting and -restoration

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Thorsten Bunk, Berlin
Specialized in documentation and planning of architect’s work in historical and archaeological monuments

Dipl.-Rest. VdR Sebastian Röhl, Berlin
Long term collaborator with all SMB-Berlin museums
Special experience in all kind of stone-restoration works

Long term collaboration-contacts according to demand with specialized architects and restorers in Berlin, Germany and different countrys of Mediterranean and Near East.


Architect, restorer and adviser with wide international experience in the field of preservation of historical and archaeological monuments, safeguarding of traditional cities and design of museological projects

German/English: fluently, reading and writing
French: good working knowledge;
Greek/Arabic: small knowledge

Our engagement in the field of preservation of archaeological monuments and safeguarding of historical building environments does not only extend to maximum efforts in applying appropriate methods and technics for conservation and restoration, it includes too the optimization of presentation and exposition of the cultural heritage to the public and its spectators as an extraordinary challenge.

Therefore we focused our attention to implement these ambivalent objectives in suitable combinations according to requests of restoration-technologies and spectators interests. Multiple tasks of conservation, presentation and even protection and reconstruction-details had been claiming for solution in various archaeological parcs and ruined castle environments. Special challenges appeared for design and implementation of archaeological museums, presentation of architectural monuments inside museological complexes, installing and using “high-tech” equipment and conception of exhibition centers as modern buildings.

The most suitable approach for the realization according to our philosophical base and attitude is working as freelanced and independend architects and thus to have free choice of projects and stimulant discussions and cooperation with various institutional partners of scientific and heritage concern to apply appropriate methods and technologies.

One of the main aspects of our work in the conservation field of Mediterranean and Near East is to define the strategies in cooperation with the national staffs of our counterparts and colleagues of the different National Institutions and Administrations. We did establish and skill local teams of handicrafts to enable them to apply right methods and techniques of conservation. We got used to different habits of cooperation style and learned to be integrated in multilateral teams. We had success in all cases of bi- or multi-national cooperation and I might say we always had a perfect understanding and mostly extraordinarily satisfying results.